Instagram isn’t only a social network for selfies and brunch photographs, despite what your friends’ images indicate. According to recent research, Instagram has over 200 million companies that utilize its platform, and 90 percent of users follow at least one of them.

Instagram marketing provides a unique chance to demonstrate your brand identity at a time when visual material remains an important aspect of every firm’s marketing strategy.

Are you ready to be inspired? Check out this list of businesses that are thriving on Instagram right now, as well as why their posts stand out.

What makes a brand great on Instagram?

We polled 301 users across the United States, and asked “Which of the following describes the brands you follow and enjoy on Instagram?”

These were their top answers:

While this data is from a small sample, it confirms what we already know about Instagram viewers. They search for:

  • Content about their life, both personal and professional.
  • Interesting and entertaining information.
  • Product marketing

What you’ll see in the next section is that every brand featured meets these needs, earning them high follower counts and high engagement rates.


1. The Every Girl

Followers: 1.1M

From raising children in a digital-first era to negotiating relationships with in-laws and extended family during a pandemic, modern-day moms confront a unique set of obstacles. Every girl is a lifestyle brand that caters to this demographic in every manner possible.

This Instagram feed has articles about dealing with your children’s strong emotions, educating them about diversity, and methods for making mealtime more enjoyable.

While most of the information on this page is about activities a girl can do, there is also a lot about rest, relaxation, and mental wellness. In the Instagram stories and highlights, you’ll also discover the odd discount coupon for popular items and cross-promotion of The Every girl blog.


2. Bolden USA

Followers: 34k

Instagram is all about photos and videos. This implies that a user might be flooded with photographs within minutes of joining Instagram.

So, how can you ensure that your brand stands out and is memorable?

One method is to build a distinct aesthetic and stick to it. Bolden USA has done just that.

Bolden USA’s Instagram theme is green, much like their logo. While other colors are used in the company’s graphics, green is always the dominant, noticeable hue – a successful strategy for brand memory. That brand recall being spread across more than 33,000 followers makes Bolden USA one of the best brands on Instagram right now.


3. The Broke Black Girl

Followers: 196k

Personal finance is similar to exercise. To attain true success, you must have motivation, the correct tools, discipline, and a purpose to strive towards. It also doesn’t hurt to have a good coach to help you along the road, which is precisely what The Broke Black Girl is doing as one of the finest Instagram companies.

Dasha is a financial activist with a focus on competency-based financial education. Over 170,000 individuals follow her for nonjudgmental financial counseling, compassionate budgeting assistance, and free financial tools. Her work attempts to equalize the primarily white-male-led financial literacy environment in order to make it more accessible to women of color.

The history of women of color in finance, the $1000 Emergency Fund Challenge, and motivational messages comprise the majority of this brand’s Instagram feed making it the best place for young people to start their financial fitness journey.


4. Teleport Watches

Followers: 9.6k

Have you ever thought about where former President Barack Obama gets his watches? Teleport Watches is one of the brands he wears.

This premium luxury wristwatch company is recognized for its attractive and long-lasting timepieces that are ideal for everyday use as well as special events. People return to the company for its contemporary take on a vintage item, which is why this Instagram brand made our list.

Teleport Watches demonstrates that you may have a dedicated Instagram following without having millions of followers. Despite being one of our smaller Instagram brands, it makes up for it in interaction and impact.


5. Netflix’s Strong Black Lead

Followers: 811k

Here’s an example of a brand that has mastered the art of establishing its own identity while keeping linked to its parent brand.

Strong Black Lead is a Netflix sub-brand focused on highlighting Black stories in media.

The brand’s Instagram feed mostly showcases screen captures and short snippets from Netflix TV programs, movies, and documentaries starring Black actors and/or filmmakers. They keep updated by providing information about current events, holidays, and hot subjects.

Strong Black Lead promotes content hosted by the brand on various platforms, such as podcasts and YouTube videos, in addition to its appreciation postings for popular TV characters.


6. Califia Farms

Followers: 318k

The brand’s culinary photography sets it apart from the competition, demonstrating how Califia Farms’ goods can be used to make anything from pancakes and lovely cream to artichoke dip and fettuccine alfredo.

The firm also does not shy away from including its goods in the photographs. It’s generally visible somewhere in the photo’s visual content, whether it’s the primary focus or more in the background.


7. Cooking With Constance

Followers: 15.5k

There’s plenty of culinary inspiration on Instagram but Cooking With Constance takes it a step further by serving it up with a side of judgment-free health and fitness. That’s why, in only a few weeks, over 10,000 individuals joined this brand’s Facebook page.

This isn’t your average vegan brand that contrasts plant-based with non-plant-based lives. Cooking With Constance, on the other hand, offers delicious and healthful meals that even the most ardent meat eaters will appreciate.

Holiday recipes, quick and easy lunches, and plant-based living tips are just a few of the types of content you’ll find as you scroll through her appetizing feed.


8. Letterfolk

Followers: 357k

Letterfolk is a small business run by a couple who create and sell beautiful, handcrafted felt letterboards. Each letterboard comes with a full set of characters so people can personalize the walls of their homes, which means endless room for creativity.

Instagram is the perfect platform for them to inspire customers and aspiring customers with real customers’ boards, as well as ideas they’ve come up with and staged themselves. Their Instagram content is funny and relatable – a great recipe for shareability.


9. Apartment Therapy

Followers: 3.2M

If you like the look of warm houses, Apartment Therapy’s Instagram account is quite therapeutic.

From home decor ideas to fun challenges like their #SmallCoolChallenge contest and stylish user-generated content (UGC), this company inspires its users to customize their own space and “live happy, healthy lives at home,” as stated in their profile bio.


10. Tentsile

Followers: 201k

“Stunning” is the first word that comes to mind when I scroll through Tentsile’s Instagram photos. Tentsile sells tree tents, what they call “portable treehouses” to elevate your camping experience. Its Instagram page is full of beautiful lifestyle images of their products in just about anywhere in the world: rainforests, mountains, beaches… you name it.

What the brand does well is leveraging its UGC. This saves time and resources and gives the brand some social proof.

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